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What are the main advantages of divorce mediation?

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2019 | Uncategorized

It is safe to say that most couples living in New York and facing divorce expect the experience to be agonizing as well as exhausting. Ending a marriage, even when each spouse agrees to the divorce, is one of the most emotional events one can go through in a lifetime. Since couples anticipate a difficult time when divorcing, many of them wish they could find a way to make the split easier for everyone involved. If this sounds like your situation, then divorce mediation may be your best solution.

If you do not already know, divorce mediation is a way for couples to settle their issues and come to a final agreement outside of a New York divorce court. An impartial mediator serves both parties by encouraging cooperative problem solving and open communications. Below is a partial list of the top benefits of choosing divorce mediation to end your marriage.

  • May benefit children: When kids of divorce see their parents work together to resolve conflicts, it often helps them feel more secure about the breakup.
  • More affordable: In nearly all cases, divorce mediation imposes fewer costs than traditional litigation. Mediation may also proceed faster than a courtroom divorce.
  • Reduces anxiety: The idea of going to court causes many couples to feel anxious. An out of court solution helps to reduce these feelings of anxiety.

Divorce mediation does not work for everyone, so it is crucial to seek a legal opinion to determine if you and your spouse are good candidates. In the end, anything you can do to make the process of divorcing as easy as possible for you and your children, it is worth the effort.