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Family law attorneys offer viable solutions to domestic violence

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2019 | Uncategorized

In the minds of most people, living in situations with domestic violence is not acceptable. However, many New York residents face violence in the home far too often. Sometimes, this violence is perpetrated on spouses, but children and other family members can also be victims. The main issue for most victims centers on what they can do to stop this dangerous and demeaning cycle of violence safely.

As family law attorneys, we like to put an emphasis on the word “safely” used in the above paragraph. Our attorneys have witnessed unfavorable outcomes in many domestic violence situations in which the victim tries to remedy the problem alone. As such, we want to urge all domestic violence victims to seek assistance when attempting to get away from a violent situation.

Fortunately, our state requires law enforcement to arrest an alleged perpetrator when probable cause of felony violence exists. Victims can use this requirement to have their spouse removed during an altercation, but that is just the beginning of finding a solution. Once victims are safe, they will likely need to take further action to maintain their safety. A family law attorney can play a valuable role in the aftermath of domestic violence.

One way we can help is to aid you in acquiring an order of protection against the offender. Once that is in place and you are immediately safe, we can help you explore other options to maintain this safety on a permanent basis. Examples of long-term solutions family law attorneys offer include initiating divorce proceedings, filing a civil lawsuit against the offender and serving as a safety barrier between you and the other party during court appearances.

Our lawyers urge you to seek additional information if you are a victim of domestic violence. We invite you to continue exploring our website to learn more about this devastating family problem.