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The state can help you find work if you can’t pay support

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2019 | Uncategorized

Finding and keeping steady work in New York can be a challenge. When you have children to support, it hurts everyone when you cannot get a job. Going a step further, when parents tasked with paying child support are unemployed, the damage runs even deeper.

  • The custodial spouse must pick up the slack financially.
  • Children may have to go without necessities.
  • The noncustodial spouse may face severe consequences.

Ordinary child custody and support matters already cause conflict between divorcing parents. When the inability to pay support becomes a problem, this conflict may increase and begin to affect the children. For the out-of-work noncustodial parent, finding a job is the only answer. Fortunately, the state can help by directing parents toward resources that can help them find work.

Before discussing these job search options, you should understand that you cannot simply stop making your support payments. Doing so will result in serious legal issues that can worsen your immediate situation. Instead, contact the family court system and request a decrease in your child support payments. A family law attorney can help you petition the court for a reduction in child support.

  • The Support through Employment Program (STEP) is a court-affiliated option that helps you find work.
  • New York also offers a voluntary option called TXT-2-Work, which sends subscribers information and tips to find and keep a job.
  • The Workforce1 program connects out-of-work individuals with employment opportunities that match the candidate’s job qualifications.

When you experience financial difficulties as a parent, do not give up or try to ignore the situation. Instead, contact an attorney qualified to help you find answers for any problems you have complying with your child custody and support orders.