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What are some tips for successful divorce mediation?

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2019 | Uncategorized

Those who have the luxury of advance notice of an impending divorce have time to research all of the available options in New York. However, there are other times when divorce enters the picture in a sudden or abrupt manner. In either of these two scenarios, divorce mediation is a way for couples to end a marriage as respectfully as possible.

To those who are interested in this manner of divorce, the following tips can help you achieve success in your efforts to end your relationship through mediation.

You need the right mediator: Find a mediator with whom you feel comfortable discussing sensitive relationship issues. Many attorneys possess certification as divorce mediators. With their knowledge of the state’s divorce laws, attorneys are often the first choice for those looking to divorce outside of the court.

Do not be afraid to ask questions: Divorce mediation is most successful when each spouse understands what is happening at every phase. Ask your mediator about anything that you need to have clarified.

Be open to compromise: Going into divorce mediation with an attitude of complete rigidity may result in failure. Remain open to compromise with your spouse, but be careful about giving up too much. A good mediator can guide you through the process so that you both walk away feeling that you achieved a fair and successful divorce.

Be prepared: This is particularly important when it is time to discuss financial matters. Make sure to develop as complete a picture as possible of your marital finances and be prepared to bring documentation regarding your accounts, debts and assets.

Although divorce mediation is not appropriate for all couples, it is certainly worth the effort to learn more about this option. Divorcing in this manner can work for planned divorces as well as sudden divorces.