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Setting goals for your New York divorce mediation

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2019 | Divorce Mediation

We talk about divorce mediation a lot in our legal blog because we believe in the process. Our attorneys have witnessed mediation many times and in each successful case, both spouses walk away feeling as though most, if not all, of their needs were met.

As family law attorneys serving residents in the White Plains region, we are also big believers in the power of preparation. All life events benefit from proper preparation, including divorce mediation. A large part of getting ready for mediation involves setting realistic goals for what you hope to get out of the process.

General goals

It is important to understand the basic goals of mediating your divorce. These goals include reaching a fair divorce agreement, reducing hostility between you and your spouse and avoiding the trauma and expense of traditional divorces.

Personal goals

Taking some time ahead of mediation to identify your personal goals is also beneficial. Examples of personal goals include acquiring spousal support or achieving a balanced property division settlement.

Child-related goals

We like to encourage all divorce mediation candidates to identify some goals for the benefit of their children. For example, a good child-centered goal involves mutually agreeing not to use your kids against one another during and after the divorce.

Setting goals is not the only way that you can prepare for this low-stress method of ending a marriage. You can acquire additional guidance in these matters by speaking with a family law attorney. You may also increase your knowledge about mediation by continuing to review the material posted on our website and in our legal blog.