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It’s back to school time for divorced New York families

It’s back to school time for divorced New York families. Just when it seems as if you and your co-parent establish a routine regarding child custody and support, something comes along to cause disruption. Your kids returning to school for the year is an example of such a disruption. After all of your hard work establishing balance with your co-parent, you must once again change things up for school.

We are parents as well as attorneys, and we know how disruptive this time of year can be for divorced families. Our lawyers would like to take this opportunity to share with you several ways to smooth the transition from summertime to school time.

Talk with teachers

Letting teachers know about the divorce can help them understand possible changes in your child’s personality. It also equips them to make accurate reports about any behavioral or emotional problems your child may develop.

Talk with your child

If this is your child’s first school year after your divorce, he or she may have concerns to share. Be sure to listen to them and to reassure them that you and your co-parent will always be there to help with the transition.

Talk with your ex

This one is difficult, especially when you are still establishing effective child custody and support routines. However, keeping communication open is critical to your child’s successful transition and parental transition as well.

Some New York parents discover that their current child custody and support arrangement is no longer effective when school starts. If this happens to you, we suggest speaking with an attorney about possible court order modifications. This can be a great way to make the transition work better for everyone involved. To learn more about divorce and custody, please continue reviewing our website.