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New York property division: Keep these things in mind

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2019 | Property Division

Getting divorced is challenging under the best of circumstances. Even when both spouses agree that divorce is the only solution, it is still a difficult process mentally and emotionally. The property division portion of divorce can be especially trying because agreements over financial matters are often elusive.

In our New York legal practice, we have found success in helping people cope during property division. One of the most effective aids in keeping things short and civil is changing the way you think about this and other aspects of divorce. Letting emotions rule your actions typically sets the stage for conflict or hostility. Below, you will find several effective tips on helping you separate emotionally from the process of divorcing.

Education: Learning more about the technical side of divorce can keep your emotions in check. For example, familiarizing yourself with New York’s divorce laws can shift your focus from the pain you feel to the tasks you need to complete.

Action: Instead of giving in to any feelings of despair you may feel, choose to act rather than react. This might mean immersing yourself in tasks that help the property division phase progress smoothly. For example, gathering the documentation necessary for the division of property can take your mind away from the emotional side of divorce.

Release: We recommend working to release yourself mentally from the marriage. Even those who desperately want a divorce find it painful to let go of their marital bonds. Remaining conscious of mental and emotional pitfalls can go a long way in helping you avoid them, which can help make all stages of divorce–including property division–easier.

Our final tip involves relying on your attorney to help you navigate the family court system. Trust in the experience your lawyer has amassed over time and feel free to ask for help whenever you need support. Please continue reviewing our website for further property division guidance.