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Tips for improving communication with your co-parent

When severe problems point to divorce, people often dream of complete disconnection from their spouse. They may look forward to a divorce’s conclusion just so that they do not have to deal with their ex anymore. However, when children are involved, total disconnection is not possible for New York parents.

Until your kids are adults, you will need to cooperate with your ex over matters like child custody and support. Even after your kids are on their own, there exists a strong probability that you will encounter your ex at weddings, birthdays and other events.

Learning to communicate effectively, especially when the children are young, is critical in helping your kids adjust to the new family dynamics. Adequate communication can help you address legal issues arising over child custody and support right now. It can also help you deal with face-to-face encounters with your co-parent in the future. Below, you will find a few tips to improve your parent-to-parent communications.

  • Avoid making statements or demands when speaking with your co-parent. Form your comments as requests instead.
  • Use a professional or business-like tone with your ex if you wish to reduce hostility.
  • Keep your communications with one another focused only on your children to avoid arguments.
  • Do not respond emotionally if your co-parent tries to goad you into a fight.
  • To build mutual respect, be sure to listen attentively to your co-parent when he or she is speaking about your children.

Once you and your ex have established a respectful way to communicate, you will find it easier to cooperate over child custody and support as well as other family law issues. You can also ask an attorney for advice if you wish to find other ways to reduce hostility between you and your co-parent.