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Is thinking about divorce sparking other problems in your life?

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2019 | Divorce

Whether you’ve been married for just a few years or have been with your spouse for decades, you’ve likely encountered challenges in your relationship. Most New York couples would agree that there are ups and downs in the average marriage. Many would also say that when the downs outweigh the ups, it often is a sign that spouses are headed for divorce.

Even thinking about divorce can have a negative ripple effect into other areas of your life. You may be at a crossroads where you’re trying to determine a best course of action regarding your current circumstances and marital problems. Building a strong support network from the start is a good idea whether you wind up seeking marriage counseling or filing a petition to divorce.

Everyday life takes a toll when marital problems arise

You would definitely be the exception to the rule if you say you and your spouse have never had an argument. Most couples have, some more than others. However, if the problems shown in the following list are impeding your ability to function on a daily level, it might be a sign that divorce is on your mind:

  • Are you having trouble concentrating at work? Especially if you’re typically an employee who is on task and pays great attention to detail, not being able to focus might be connected to your thoughts of divorce.
  • What about the other relationships in your life? Are you finding that you’re feeling argumentative or have your children, other loved ones, or close friends expressed frustration toward you lately?
  • Is the level of affection or intimacy between you and your spouse low or non-existent? Perpetual lack of affection or sexual intimacy in marriage is often a sign that the couple in question is headed for divorce.
  • Are you or your spouse struggling with alcohol or substance abuse? Marital problems that remain unresolved for too long can lead to other personal problems like addiction.

You’re the only one who can determine if your relationship with your spouse is still viable. Many New York couples seek guidance and support from licensed marriage counselors to help them work through certain issues.

When divorce is the option you choose

There’s no doubt that divorce will affect not only your own life but your children’s, extended family members and friends as well. Your kids are likely the ones who will feel the greatest impact.

However, getting divorced doesn’t necessarily mean you will never build new memories or find joy in life again. Tapping into local resources can help you and your children come to terms with a divorce and move on in life.