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Family law: New York's approach to domestic violence

Anytime domestic violence begins to plague families in White Plains, people need real facts and real solutions. This includes any victims of domestic violence as well as the alleged perpetrator of such violence. Regardless of whether you are a victim or the accused, it is crucial to seek guidance from a family law attorney.

What should you include in a cohabitation agreement?

Marriage is still alive and well in the state of New York, but many residents choose to cohabit instead of tying the knot. Couples have chosen to live together over marriage for many years, but most of them approach this big decision casually. Love and romance can come and go, but without protection, would-be lovers may also lose their assets when love takes a leave of absence.

What are the most valuable benefits of a postnup agreement?

At one time, marital agreements were only for rich and/or famous people -- or so most people believed. Over time, other people began to understand that these agreements offer even ordinary citizens many valuable benefits. It is safe to assume that most New York residents understand prenuptial agreements, but postnuptial agreements may require some explanation.

Family law terminology definitions all New Yorkers should know

Hopefully, you will never have to navigate the family court system, but if you do, it is helpful if you can follow along with the discussions taking place. Legal terminology is often difficult for non-legal professionals to understand. When you are dealing with a formal legal matter in New York, not understanding the terms you hear or read could be detrimental to your case.

Spousal support is still relevant in the 21st century

Although the idea of equal rights for men and women still needs work, most New Yorkers would agree that in a divorce, equality is critical. Couples want fair outcomes in all matters during a divorce. As a result, we have seen many divorcing spouses -- both men and women -- refuse their right to seek spousal support.

Grounds upon which to challenge paternity in New York

Questioning paternity is one of the most traumatic issues that can arise in a family. In most cases, one or both parents want to resolve the matter as quickly as possible so that they can make important decisions about their future. A speedy resolution also benefits the children because it enables them to know who is and is not their true father.

Get to know these common family law terms

You might go through your entire life without ever needing the services a family law attorney provides. On the other hand, you may find yourself in a situation in which such a lawyer is invaluable. Examples of these situations include getting a divorce, adopting a child or negotiating child custody and child support.

Keeping your family together in spite of domestic violence

A very large part of providing family law services in New York involves helping families overcome their challenges and remain united. In truth, it is one of the most ambitious goals family law attorneys work to achieve. In many cases, our efforts fail and we must help couples end a relationship as painlessly as possible. Other times, however, our dedication pays off and we see troubled families come together and overcome the hurdles they face.

Family law: Make sure your prenuptial agreement is valid

Recently in our blog, we discussed the benefits of drafting a postnuptial agreement to address any marital problems New York couples may have. We decided to continue talking about marital agreements by letting our readers know that not all prenuptial agreements are valid.

Postnuptial agreements can be valuable tools for married couples

Most people entering into marriage do not consider prenuptial agreements. That's in part because being in love overrules caution in many cases. Since no one expects to get a divorce when they are preparing to marry, why bother with a prenup? Unfortunately, divorces do occur, even when couples are deeply in love at the time of their wedding.

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