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How commingling of funds affects property division in New York

Without a doubt, property division is one of the most complicated parts of getting divorced. Even when both spouses agree on how to divide their marital property, they must still comply with the law. This means that a court might reject your agreement and make these important decisions without much input from you and your spouse.

Your pleasant personality could lead to an unfair property split

We know you don't need us to tell you how difficult it is to get a divorce. However, we choose to bring up these challenging situations to make sure that you prepare yourself for what is to come when divorcing. Aside from child custody and support, property division is one of the most frustrating parts of a divorce.

New York property division: Keep these things in mind

Getting divorced is challenging under the best of circumstances. Even when both spouses agree that divorce is the only solution, it is still a difficult process mentally and emotionally. The property division portion of divorce can be especially trying because agreements over financial matters are often elusive.

Divorce, property division and protecting your credit score

Property division is one of the most stressful elements of ending a marriage. We say this often in our blog and in our communications with New York residents because we want them to be as prepared as possible. Even divorces that begin amicably often devolve into chaos when it is time to split your assets.

What factors affect the equitable distribution of property?

There is little doubt that property division is a complex part of getting a divorce. Aside from matters involving children, it is the most dreaded portion of the divorce process in most cases. What you might not realize is that dividing marital property under New York's equitable distribution laws need not be frightening.

Defining separate property in a New York divorce

The last time we addressed property division in our legal blog, we discussed how courts in the state divide property under the equitable distribution law. Due to the brief nature of the blog format, we were unable to talk about other important elements of property division. This post will address separate property, which a spouse may keep when the marriage ends.

How do New York courts handle property division in divorce?

As if the emotional pain of divorce is not difficult enough, it typically comes with complicated legal hurdles as well. Even couples that do not have children together must often face elements of divorce that are complex and frustrating to say the very least. Property division is one such element that can turn an otherwise simple process into a battlefield.

401(k) assets: 2 divorce mistakes to avoid

Your 401(k) assets represent your future financial security. However, they also represent an asset that probably needs to be divided in your divorce proceedings. If you earned and saved some of your 401(k) during the course of your marriage, then the amount of those assets you acquired during your marriage will be subject to the asset division process.

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