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Highly recommended
5.0 stars John A. Pappalardo, Esq.
Posted by anonymous on Avvo
January 31, 2018

Nothing about separation and divorce, especially those involving children, is easy or simple. After initially consulting with John, I felt heard and supported. He asked pointed and relevant questions, allowing me to focus on what was most important to me — my son’s safety, health and well-being. Even though I am steeped in the second round after a failed reconciliation, there was no judgment, only compassion and empathy. His team — from the office assistant to the associate — is highly professional and courteous. He came highly recommended by a trusted friend, and I am pleased to continue the endorsement, no matter the outcome.

True professionalism with an extraordinary work ethic.

5.0 stars John A. Pappalardo, Esq.

Posted by Maria on Avvo
January 8, 2018

Working with John Pappalardo was truly a refreshing and enlightening experience. The support I received and level of commitment in making sure that I was fairly treated by the court system during my divorce proceedings were beyond my expectations. Through John’s guidance, I felt I could have complete trust in John and be assured that I would be taken care of throughout the process. The complexity of my divorce required much focus and attention to detail, which I found to be one of John’s strengths and was quite impressive. He was vested in making sure both the short- and long-term outcomes of my divorce were fair ones for me and my daughter. Normally, when one goes through such an extensive and tiresome process, you prefer not to continue the relationship with your lawyer due to the intensity of emotions and negativity during that time. Nonetheless, due to the support, respect and kindness received, I will unquestionably continue my relationship with John. John is a true professional with an extraordinary work ethic.

Top notch divorce lawyer highly recommend

5.0 stars John A. Pappalardo, Esq.

Posted by anonymous on Avvo
May 8, 2017

Mr. Pappalardo provided me with excellent legal counsel during my highly acrimonious divorce. He showed remarkable compassion for my deep concern about my son’s well-being and happiness, which was my central focus throughout this process. Moreover, his insight and guidance during the custody phase of my divorce proved to be extremely beneficial not only legally but also in terms of my son’s social and emotional needs.

As those of us who go through divorces know, there are very few positive aspects to this process. But, I will say that in my case, Mr. Pappalardo’s honesty, integrity and depth of understanding of matrimonial law made all the difference to me. I felt like I was in good hands, and he would help me make the best of an extremely challenging situation. I would recommend him to anyone in need of a top-notch matrimonial lawyer.

A force to reckon with full of drive and originality.

5.0 stars Olivia T. Marotta, Esq.

Posted by Maria on Avvo
January 9, 2018

These situations are always very difficult as you are never certain that others will understand your thoughts, concerns and experiences during trying times. Olivia really changed my mindset to that respect. She added that female touch and understanding from a woman’s perspective. The teamwork between John and Olivia was extremely powerful. Olivia’s diligence and commitment definitely classified her as a “Power House.” She was feisty and assertive but professional in every aspect of the word. She was well versed in all facets of my divorce and had a strong handle on my entire life experience in this marriage. She had a vulnerability that afforded her the opportunity to comprehend all of my trials and tribulations. In plain terms, “She put herself in my shoes.” Truly an exceptional individual full of compassion and honesty.

An Unforgettable Attorney for an Unforgettable Chapter in My Life

5.0 stars Olivia T. Marotta, Esq.

Posted by Theo on Avvo
April 4, 2016

Mrs. Olivia Marotta is outstanding in every regard and definitely an attorney to seek out by name. Among her peers, I suspect that she is also one to keep an eye on, as she advances through her career in the firm of Farber, Pappalardo & Carbonari, of which I am equally indebted to, particularly John Pappalardo.

Throughout my yearlong case, I was always impressed by Mrs. Marotta’s unwavering professional performance despite continual ploys, deceitful tactics and quite frankly immature nettling from my now ex-wife’s attorneys. Mrs. Marotta apparently possesses a solid understanding and in-depth knowledge of case law and built my custody case upon some brilliant strategies, despite being handed nothing less than a complete wreckage of prior cases from past attorneys… spanning over a decade of false allegations and failures. Never once did she begrudge the mess, nor seek to take shortcuts, nor attempt to convince me to compromise — for that I am grateful. She was always available via phone and email and updated me at every step without the need for prompting or cajoling. A pure joy to work with. She is of a caliber which I had never expected to find.

Mrs. Marotta learned the tangled details of my case very quickly from a diverse set of disparate sources and, from start to finish, never once forgot a single one of those details. She also spent quite a number of long nights working on key document submissions prior to court deadlines to ensure their perfection. I know this because we corresponded a number of times late at night working out the smallest of details. I was always amazed that an attorney could demonstrate such dedication to their case and such attention to detail. From my perspective, an ideal attorney is one who is as passionate and committed to your case as you are. Mrs. Marotta is a rare combination of intelligence, tenacity, shrewdness and professional elegance.

From the first day until the last, Mrs. Marotta exhibited an unprecedented authenticity — never overpromising nor sugar-coating setbacks, which a case like mine would invariably bring. She ensured the continued strength of our position through realistic evaluation while identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities. And all the while, she never once forgot that my daughter’s future was at stake nor how equally vulnerable I was.

It’s not only nice to be on the winning side but also to win an unwanted and unsought antagonistic conflict with such grace and while maintaining the moral high ground is a blessing. There was much more at stake, and Mrs. Marotta clearly saw this and rose to the challenge without asking me to sacrifice or make my core values negotiable. Her skill and dedication are a testament to the life I now live… with my daughter, finally, living right beside me.

Olivia, I can never thank you enough!

Simply the best.

5.0 stars Jessica L. Piperis, Esq.

Posted by Joe on Avvo
October 18, 2016

Very thorough, always on top of things. With all the stress involved with a divorce, the last thing you need is extra stress involving demands from your own attorney. I didn’t have to do much, and I was protected from all angles. Well worth the money.

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