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The Pappalardo Law Group PLLC represents New Yorkers in all family law matters. From our White Plains office, we practice across Westchester, Putnam, Rockland, Dutchess, Orange, Queens, Bronx and New York counties. Our practice focuses on all areas of family law, including premarital and post-marital planning, negotiation, settlement, alternative dispute resolution and litigation.

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Family Mediation And Collaboration

We believe that settlement is best in family law cases. Settlement saves money, time and stress. Additionally, keeping family law issues out of court allows for the possibility of cordial family relations in the future, which are especially important when children are involved.

Our firm offers a separate matrimonial mediation practice, led by attorney John Pappalardo. He has more than 30 years of matrimonial mediation experience. To be an effective mediator, an attorney must be a proactive matrimonial litigator and stay educated on all matrimonial issues. With his litigation experience, John Pappalardo can project for spouses how matrimonial judges would decide their disputes.

In mediation, John A. Pappalardo facilitates settlement of all divorce issues, including custody, support and asset division. The couple meets Mr. Pappalardo to discuss all aspects of the separation or divorce. Mr. Pappalardo keeps the conversation on track and ensures that both parties are fully heard. At the end of the session, he drafts a settlement agreement regarding all aspects of the divorce proceedings and each person signs it. This agreement is a binding legal contract.

Marital collaboration takes a slightly different approach. Here, both parties of the divorce sign an agreement before the discussion begins, stating they will resolve their divorce during collaboration. Both parties hire attorneys. Our firm has participated in and conducted numerous marital collaborations since New York adopted this method of marriage dissolution. For more information, visit our FAQ page or contact us.

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