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Protecting Your Marital Property Rights

If you are preparing for divorce and have questions about your marital property rights, our experienced lawyers can provide answers. We will explain your rights, develop practical strategies and aggressively pursue your goals. We will work toward outcomes that leave you in a financially stable position to move forward with your life.

We are the law firm of The Pappalardo Law Group PLLC. Based in White Plains, New York, we have nearly 100 years of collective experience representing clients through the divorce process and protecting their interests.

Marital Property Characterization

In New York, only property that is included in the marital estate will be divided between the two spouses. In many simple cases, property division can be accomplished easily by determining whether an asset or debt was acquired during the marriage or before.

Many cases are much more complex. We understand the exceptions and complications involved with classifying assets and debts. Some cases involve uncertainty regarding whether an asset should be treated as marital or separate property. We provide a thorough analysis into each asset and then develop a method for distribution that is fair, equitable and the least intrusive to each spouse.

Our experience includes characterizing and classifying your property, including:

  • Real estate owned by one spouse prior to marriage
  • Gifts, inheritances or interests in a trust
  • Personal injury awards
  • Property that was commingled prior to the marriage
  • Retirement plan benefits — 401(k), pensions, etc.
  • Premarital debts and debts accumulated during marriage
  • Property subject to a prenuptial agreement
  • Property owned by one spouse that increased in value during the marriage

Our skilled matrimonial team dedicates its full focus and attention to each client’s case. We use other financial experts such as accountants, appraisers and others when necessary. Together, our team provides the resources necessary to identify value and classify assets.

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