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Ensuring That Marital Property Divisions Are Fair

A major part of any divorce is the division of property. In New York, equitable distribution is the standard by which courts split assets and debts. This means that all property is divided between the spouses equitably, but not necessarily equally. More specifically, this means that each asset may not be divided down the middle, but rather the division will be equitable as a whole.

At The Pappalardo Law Group PLLC, our family law lawyers have nearly 100 years of combined experience creating effective settlements and litigating fair results. We advise New Yorkers in White Plains and throughout Westchester, Putnam, Rockland and New York counties.

Our focus is achieving a fair and equitable distribution of the assets in a way that makes the most sense for the parties involved.


How Does Equitable Distribution Work?

With equitable distribution of assets and debts, we (and the courts) will try to make the total division as even as possible. Perhaps one spouse will keep the marital home and the other will retain their retirement benefits. One spouse could receive the house in exchange for no spousal support. The possibilities for creative problem-solving are endless. What matters to our clients is what we set our focus on. We will explain your marital property rights and construct a plan to address your current and projected financial needs.

There are New York statutes and procedures that still apply. Each case is unique, however, and we have the skill and knowledge necessary to address the particulars of your situation.

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