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4 reasons you may be able to change a custody schedule

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2018 | Uncategorized

It is incredibly important to follow the child custody schedule that you get during your divorce. Never willfully break it and violate your ex’s rights.

That said, it is also critical to remember that these schedules may not work forever. You can, in some cases, modify them to better fit what you and your child need. Four potential reasons to do so include:

1. Your ex is not sticking to the schedule and refuses to do so. Maybe you are supposed to have your kids every other weekend, but your ex often just does not drop them off without giving you a reason or any notice. This can violate your rights, and you can take legal action so that you can see your children.

2. One of you needs to move a significant distance. Maybe you got offered a job in another state. To make it work, you may need to ask for a modification and permission to relocate.

3. A change would benefit your child and address his or her best interests. Perhaps your child has actually been asking to spend more time with you, for instance, and you think it will help with their emotional needs to do so.

4. The child faces significant danger from your ex. Maybe you have seen some warning signs of abuse. Do not hesitate to act. The court is on your side when it comes to protecting children.

If you do want to modify the agreement for any reason, it is very important to know what legal steps to take. You always want to adhere to the proper procedures without violating the agreement that is already in place.