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August 2019 Archives

It's back to school time for divorced New York families

It's back to school time for divorced New York families. Just when it seems as if you and your co-parent establish a routine regarding child custody and support, something comes along to cause disruption. Your kids returning to school for the year is an example of such a disruption. After all of your hard work establishing balance with your co-parent, you must once again change things up for school.

What are the most valuable benefits of a postnup agreement?

At one time, marital agreements were only for rich and/or famous people -- or so most people believed. Over time, other people began to understand that these agreements offer even ordinary citizens many valuable benefits. It is safe to assume that most New York residents understand prenuptial agreements, but postnuptial agreements may require some explanation.

If you want a smooth divorce, this is how you do it

You have probably heard stories about horrible, drawn-out divorces -- if not in your own circle of friends, at least in Hollywood. You know that you want to end your marriage, but you also know that you do not want it to go like that. What can you do to make things move smoothly and peacefully?

How does the process of divorce mediation work?

In the state of New York, more and more couples are choosing divorce mediation as a way to resolve complex and even simple issues. As you may know, divorce mediation is typically a more amicable alternative to traditional litigation. Other benefits include affordability, privacy and ending a marriage as quickly as possible.

New York property division: Keep these things in mind

Getting divorced is challenging under the best of circumstances. Even when both spouses agree that divorce is the only solution, it is still a difficult process mentally and emotionally. The property division portion of divorce can be especially trying because agreements over financial matters are often elusive.

Tips for improving communication with your co-parent

When severe problems point to divorce, people often dream of complete disconnection from their spouse. They may look forward to a divorce's conclusion just so that they do not have to deal with their ex anymore. However, when children are involved, total disconnection is not possible for New York parents.

New York divorce mediation tips: Do this, not that

If you visit our blog regularly, you know that we like to publish simple, easy-to-understand tips for our family law readers. We believe that approaching sensitive topics in this manner gives New York residents common sense ways to accomplish their legal goals.

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