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February 2019 Archives

What are the pros and cons of birdnesting custody plans?

One of the most conflict-filled areas of family law involves creating fair child custody arrangements. When parents cannot come to an agreement about child custody, a judge will make the decisions instead. For this reason, it is always better to work cooperatively with your co-parent. Successful co-parenting and custody arrangements allow you and your ex to retain control over what happens to your kids during and after divorce.

Are there any disadvantages to divorce mediation?

Just about any legal process comes with a share of benefits and disadvantages, including divorce mediation. While most couples divorcing in New York find mediation to be an excellent solution, this method of divorce is not for everyone. Those who have already consulted with a lawyer are lucky because your legal counsel can explain in-depth how divorce mediation works. Part of such discussions should include a review of your case to determine if mediation is a good solution for you.

Tips for a healthy divorce

You want to get divorced, but you do not want it to be an ugly split. You're dedicated to making it a healthy process for all involved, especially because you have children. So, how do you do it?

When do you know it’s time to end a marriage?

Sometimes the biggest struggle in a marriage is knowing when to pull the trigger and end it for good. Many times, marriages go through a state of limbo, where no direct decisions are made and the uncertainty looms in the back of one or both person’s mind. After all, the consequences for pulling the trigger and calling it quits may completely alter the lives and trajectory of your children. The end of the marriage may sink a person financially and cause all kinds of chaos with shared assets.

Family law attorneys offer viable solutions to domestic violence

In the minds of most people, living in situations with domestic violence is not acceptable. However, many New York residents face violence in the home far too often. Sometimes, this violence is perpetrated on spouses, but children and other family members can also be victims. The main issue for most victims centers on what they can do to stop this dangerous and demeaning cycle of violence safely.

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