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How collaborative law divorce works

There are different ways to resolve your divorce and collaborative law is one of them that is worth looking into. Collaborative law divorce is a type of alternative dispute resolution that may be valuable for the divorcing couple and their family to help them resolve their divorce.

How can I benefit from collaborative law divorce during my divorce?

Collaborative law divorce is a cooperative process. It allows you the opportunity to negotiate all of your divorce-related concerns with your soon-to-be former spouse and with the help of various professionals. Professionals in areas of accounting, tax and counseling, for instance, can help the couple negotiate an equitable property division settlement and resolve child support and child custody concerns.

During the collaborative law divorce process, each spouse is represented by a lawyer and the couple, along with their lawyers and other specialists, sit down to resolve divorce-related issues including property division, spousal support, child support and child custody.

If the divorcing couple decides to abandon the process, their attorneys have to withdraw according to the collaborative law agreement the couple will sign at the outset of the process.

To be successful, the divorcing couple will need to work together so it is beneficial if you are able to negotiate with your spouse. During the collaborative law divorce process, the couple is encouraged to work together to reach an agreement on divorce-related concerns in a more efficient and less acrimonious manner that can be better for them and their family.

Collaborative divorce should be carefully considered by divorcing couples over traditional divorce litigation because it can save them time, money and bad feelings.