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Busting divorce mediation myths for New York residents

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2019 | Uncategorized

In certain situations, the technology-rich world of today offers “information” that you might not need. Divorce is one of the situations in which too much information can hurt instead of help. If it were possible to know whether what you learn has a factual foundation, such information could be valuable. Unfortunately, myth often rules in cases of divorce, meaning couples tend to trust inaccurate information.

Divorce mediation has been an option for many years. However, in the minds of divorcing couples, it is a relatively new way to end a marriage. Instead of believing the many myths you may hear about mediation, take steps to make certain the information is true. The following information will bust three of these myths so that you can consider divorce mediation with an informed focus.

  1. The mediator will favor someone of the same gender: Divorce mediators receive special training so that they can avoid taking sides regardless of the spouses’ gender and other factors.
  2. Only lawyers and judges make good mediators: While there are many benefits legal professionals bring to the process of divorce mediation (such as thorough knowledge of New York divorce law), some skilled mediators have no legal background.
  3. Divorce mediation is a terrible idea for couples with valuable assets: The value of your marital property does not play a role in whether a couple is a good candidate for mediation. A couple’s ability to work together toward a goal of divorcing as smoothly as possible is a much more important eligibility factor.

As more attorneys undergo training in divorce mediation, couples have more options than ever. If you are still not certain whether to seek mediation or traditional divorce, consider asking a lawyer for personalized advice. Doing so can provide you with the authoritative answers you need about all of your divorce options.