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Child custody and support: Regaining custody of your child

Of all the things that can happen in a parent/child relationship, loss of custody is arguably the most devastating. Loss of child custody can occur during divorce proceedings or as a result of a parent’s alleged criminal or harmful activity. To the parent and the child, the reason why this occurred isn’t nearly as important as regaining custody or, at the very least, acquiring visitation.

We and most who work in the family law field believe that children benefit from cultivating a relationship with each parent. This is so even when one parent has demonstrated instability or less-than-responsible child-rearing behaviors.

Courts in New York agree, and they strive to find ways for children to receive the love and support each parent can provide. This is great news because it means that regaining access to your child is nearly always a possibility.

When you lose custody in an official capacity, you will also receive information about why this happened. We urge you to take this information heart. Use it as a platform upon which to build a plan that will show the court how much you love your child.

For example, if the court denies custody because of drug or alcohol abuse, enter a rehabilitation program and start changing your life. When the judge sees that you are committed to a rehab program, you can eventually request that the court reinstate your custody or visitation.

Listen to the advice your attorney offers you during this difficult time. After all, a family law professional has the experience you need to overcome the loss of custody and continue playing an active and healthy role in your child’s life. You can find additional information about child custody and support matters by continuing to explore our website.