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Getting divorced in New York with a special needs child

As you undoubtedly know, divorce is tough on children. It can cause many behavioral and emotional issues in even the healthiest child. A child with special needs may also suffer when divorce occurs and may require more personal attention from each parent during this trying time. When it comes to child custody and support, it is critical to work with your co-parent to ensure your special needs child emerges from divorce as healthy as possible.

In our White Plains legal practice, we have helped many parents with special needs children. What we have observed in these cases is the worry parents experience over how the divorce will impact their child. Our attorneys work hard to help parents find solutions that will protect their child and impose as few hardships as possible on the parents.

The child custody and support stage of divorce gives parents a wonderful opportunity to come together in the best interests of their child. Under the guidance of your attorney, you can explore the custody and support options at your disposal. This includes factoring in any special costs associated with your child’s health and well-being.

We encourage you to share information about your special needs kid with your lawyer before child custody and support negotiations begin. This gives you the best chance of ensuring that your child remains protected and cared for throughout the divorce process. Quality legal guidance can also help you think about and plan for your child’s future needs as well.

We invite you to learn more about divorcing with children by continuing to browse our New York law firm’s legal blog. You may also reach out to our staff for additional guidance.