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What if I want to relocate after divorce?

After you divorce, you really may want to start over. In that first year after divorce, you may want to relocate, maybe even move out of state. Or maybe you lost your job in the recent economic downturn and you have to relocate to get a well-paying job. But how will that affect your child custody agreement?

Modifying a child custody agreement

If you plan to relocate and now share custody with your ex, you will need to seek a child custody agreement modification. You will need to show how moving is in the best interests of your child. You will need to show how your move will:

  • Improve your financial situation.
  • Give you and your child a better support system, perhaps by moving closer your parents or family members who can help you care for your child.
  • Allow you to remarry, which will allow you to provide your child with a better home, more financial security, more support and a positive change for your family.

You’ll also need to present a new parenting plan. You may need to allow your child to spend more time with their other parent during school breaks and summer vacation. You may need to agree that you will provide transportation to get your child to custody time with your ex. Or you may need to allow your ex and your child more options to communicate via video calls and texts when they are apart.

You need to show you aren’t trying to harm your child’s relationship with their other parent. Courts want both parents to be involved in raising their children and for both parents to allow that.

Working with an attorney

Before seeking a child custody modification, you should contact an experienced family law attorney. An attorney can help you present your best case to change your custody agreement, so you can move and get the fresh start you’re seeking.